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Solar Cell Sales is a licensed Home Depot Expert Installer.

Solar Cell Sales is an authorized BP Solar provider

By eliminating $100 per month from your electric bill, you could be adding more than $24,000 to your home value. Find out more ...

WELCOME to Solar Cell Sales, your source for solar electric systems. We are an authorized BP Solar Solutions partner as well as a licensed Home Depot Expert Installation Contractor. Call us at 1.888.467.8044 to schedule a free in-home solar consultation.

Let us show you how you can install a solar energy system with zero up front costs and significant savings on your energy bill. We can offer you an option of financing the system with a Home Depot Home Improvement Loan. Once qualified, this will allow you to pay for the system costs with a competitive rate, 0% financing for 6 months and no money down. more...

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